Why Games Play Such An Important Role In The Growth Of Children

Why Games Play Such An Important Role In The Growth Of Children

Physical and mental development is the critical milestones in the growth of any kid. Playing with toys, or outdoors in the park help the baby slowly develop various senses and skills like motor skills, coordination of multiple senses, body balancing and much more. The curiosity to know and learn new things make them impatient to try new games and activities. With the sought of energy levels they have, they can play all day long. Through gameplay they learn various qualities like healthy competition, accepting challenges, confidence, and sense of achievement. If being adequately guided and controlled, kids can be taught a lot of mental, physical and moral things through innovative ways of playing a game.

Since their observation power is compelling, they observe and analyze various activities happening around them and then try to imitate them. They love to pretend like grownups and act like their parents. Therefore, it is vital that we are careful with the type of language and attitude we use when being around them so that they learn only good and positive things. The stressful family environment can hurt their psychology.

In recent times, there has been increasing interest of children towards virtual video games than board games or outdoor activities. You will find most of the kids addicted to online games or Xbox video games. The usual excuse they give for being so fascinated with virtual games is that they see it as a stress buster and relaxation from the exhaustive homework pressure and study schedule. Well, we cannot blame the education system for all the trouble. School is trying to prepare the kids from an early age for the fierce competition they are going to face as they grow old.

Therefore, it becomes essential that the companies designing games especially for children should give a social and moral message through these games and also offer new learnings which may enhance their mental and reasoning capabilities.

Another advantage of playing games is it helps children connect with other like-minded kids and become friends. Since virtual games do not have any geographical limits, you can befriend with individuals from diversified social and religious backgrounds from all over the world. They can share and learn new things from each other.

Parents usually get worried if their kids spend too much time playing. Their concern is understandable, since that may affect their academics performance and physical development. Playing is kids way of learning new things, therefore instead of scolding them, finding innovative ways to make them learn things while playing.

It is necessary that kids create a balance between the type of games and play they engage in so that the recreate and rejuvenate their minds and body equally. Too much of involvement in video games can affect their eyes, and less physical exercise may lead to health issues like obesity and other problems at a very young age. On the other side too much, physical activity can affect their growth regarding weight loss, the risk of injuries, etc. as parents we should encourage a balanced schedule for your kinds between studies and play time, instead of discouraging them always.

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